JULY 2017

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Heat Resistant Powder Coatings

Protech has expanded its Heliocoat® product line with the addition of three new powders in the 1000°F (550°C) category. These include a bright silver, a metallic charcoal, and a golden yellow.  We have also developed a high performance black coating that can resist temperatures of 1500°F (815°C) for up to two hours of continuous exposure, without delamination.  These powders are the ideal solution for mufflers, brakes and other engine parts, fireplaces, and many other applications that require high temperature resistance.
 Functional Epoxy Powder Coatings

Within our EF-Series™ of Functional Epoxies, we have now achieved advanced levels of chemical resistance.  We have two new products, the first of which is an FDA grade, ultra-flexible, epoxy coating ideal for cans.  This coating is resistant to high temperatures and high pressure as well as being immune to alcohol exposure.  These powders are post-cure formable and have been developed to replace liquid epoxies.  They are the ideal application for soft drink or beer cans and can be used for any pressurized bottle or can.

The second development within the EF-Series™ is an acid-protective epoxy that is resistant to high temperatures and will remain stain-free after 24 hours exposure to 42% sulfuric acid at 50°C (122°F).  As well, these powders can be cured at low temperatures providing energy and time savings.  These coatings are ideal for battery trays and any other corrosive environments.