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May 2012

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Protech Oxyplast Powders ride on Royal wheels!

Washington DC / Arlington
Protech Oxyplast powder coatings are being applied on thousands of “BIXI” bicycles used in environmentally friendly bike-sharing systems across the globe, in cities such as Boston, London, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Montreal, Toronto, and Washington DC.

PBSC is a Montreal-based company that has taken off internationally. They offer urban bike systems that are esthetically pleasing and are coated with a variety of Protech Oxyplast powder coatings. Protech’s polyester and acrylic powder coatings provide exceptional UV, corrosion and vandal resistance over both the bikes and the docking stations.

The bikes that are docked at stations around a city can be rented for 30-45 minutes at a time with unlimited travel,  for the day or with a monthly or annual membership. They can then be returned to any station within a “Drop and Go” city grid. The bike stations are designed with solar panels to provide energy for the payment systems. No electrical outlet is necessary, so they can be moved to any part of the city with ease. PBSC’s unique docking system provides continuous real-time usage information on each bicycle.

The bike systems are a great green alternative to cars and even public transportation. They take on the character of each individual city with Protech Oxyplast  powder colour schemes such as classic Montreal silver, Canada’s capital Ottawa Red, down under’s Melbourne Blue. In London, the navy and silver BIXI’s are affectionately known as “Boris Bikes” after mayor Boris Johnson. Mayor Johnson is such a believer that he offered Prince William and Kate a specially designed tandem BIXI for a wedding present.
London Melbourne

About Protech Oxyplast:

The Protech Oxyplast Group is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of environmentally friendly powder coatings. Protech Oxyplast powders are produced in over 20 manufacturing sites throughout the world.

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Did you know!

The following services can be performed in our lab:


D3363 – Paint hardness 
B117 – Salt spray, corrosion resistance 
D2247 – Humidity exposure 
D522 – Conical mandrel, flexibility 
D4587 – UV Resistance 
D155 – Xenon Arc (weather -0-meter) 
D6578 – Graffiti resistance
D3170 – Paint chipping resistance 
D3363 – Film Hardness 
D4060 – Taber abrader 
D2794 – Rapid deformation (impact) 
D3359 – Film adhesion 
D870 – Water immersion

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