CLONECOAT™ IN-MOLD Powder Coatings

Clonecoat™ is Protech’s line of powder coatings for the in-mold painting of SMC(Sheet Molding Compound). These powders exhibit excellent hardness and outstanding chemical resistance and they can be used as a primer or as a finished topcoat. Clonecoat™ powders assume the shape and contours of any molding tool which allows the SMC to be formed in a myriad of textures . An inseparable chemical bond is formed between the powder and the SMC that provides the compound with extreme durability and resistance. These powders also provide cost savings as the visual, physical and chemical properties of Clonecoat™ are imparted simply by coating the very top of the SMC and not the entire compound. Clonecoat™ powders are environmentally friendly and are backed by the technical and service expertise that is the hallmark of Protech.


■ Excellent hardness (4H)
■ Outstanding chemical, scratch, stain and graffiti resistance
■ Clones any molding tool (smooth to textured)
■ Superior outdoor durability with excellent water and UV resistance
■ Complete coverage of complex shapes
■ Eliminates post-painting operation
■ Seals pores and isolates fibers in the molding step
■ Effective as a primer or finished top coat
■ Homogeneous surface produced as powder reacts chemically to the SMC
■ Environmentally friendly
■ No ovens needed as powder is cured in the mold

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