Thermoclad Durapol Thermoplastic Powder Coatings

Durapol is Protech’s alternative to nylon powder coatings, designed to meet the most demanding performance requirements. These powders are engineered using thermoplastic co-polymer technology and are formulated to furnish remarkable hardness properties. Durapol powders are a high end application solution providing huge economic benefits compared to nylon based products.

Preliminary Technical Data Information

Product Code ASTM Method Durapol
Bulk Density of powder, g/cm3 ISO 1183 1.29
Hardness, Shore D D-2240 77
Coverage, lb/per ft2 @ 10 mils ---  0.07± 0.005
Tensile Strength, psi. D-651 3230 ± 100
Elongation, % D-638 427 ± 3
Maximum Useful Operating Temperature °F,


Melting Range, °F --- 257 - 266°F
Dielectric Strength, v/mil D-149-97a 603
Impact Resistance D-2794-04 27 in-lbs

The salt spray resistance of all properly applied Durapol co-polymer powder coatings is excellent. A zinc or iron phosphate substrate, sandblasted and coated with the above product, will provide a durable finish showing no effect in 2,000 hours of salt spray exposure.

The specific chemistry of this co-polymer requires an annealing process after cool down from post heat in order to derive the ultimate hardness and physical properties. This process will occur at ambient conditions in approximately sixty days but can be accelerated as indicated below:

Time Temperature Method
5 minutes 194°F Oven
8 minutes 186°F Oven
10 minutes 170°F Oven
15 minutes 158°F Oven
7 minutes 170°F Hot Water
2 minutes 212°F Steam
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