Nanofoil® is Protech’s line of ultra thin film powder coatings.  Our unique particle management technology allows very fine powder to remain fluid and free flowing. Nanofoil® powders can be sprayed as low as 0.8 mils in comparison with conventional powders, which must be sprayed between 2 and 4 mils.  Using less powder results in time, energy and space savings, as well, as lower transportation costs. Nanofoil® powders have superb transfer efficiency and produce an excellent and consistent appearance.  They are the perfect union between a quality powder and cost savings.


■ Unique formulations and manufacturing processes yield a remarkably ultra-thin powder
■ Powders able to be sprayed at between 0.8 mils and 1.5 mil
■ Superb transfer efficiency and excellent, consistent smooth appearance
■ Provides time, energy and space savings as well as lower transportation costs
■ Available in a wide range of colors and glosses
■ Environmental benefits as less packaging and less disposal required
■ Excellent durability and chemical resistance

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Protech Nanofoil®