NUVOCOAT® UV CURE Powder Coatings

One of the most important recent developments in the field of powder coatings is the introduction of powders that are UV (ultra-violet) curable. This process combines the advantages of powder coating with the benefits of UV technology, opening the door to a whole new range of application opportunities. These powder coatings are of the highest quality and can be fashioned in different colors and textures. They show excellent chemical, stain andscratch resistance, and are produced with an extremely durable finish. Due to short curing cycles and low temperature requirements, UV curable powder coatings offer time, energy and space savings, resulting in much higher productivity and lower costs. UV cure also realizes the ability to coat heat sensitive substrates such as plastic, sensitive metal alloys, wood, and engineered wood products like MDF. Temperatures during the UV cure process can be maintained as low as 80ºC (175º F). These lower temperatures allow substrates that previously could not be cured with traditional thermoset cure to now be powder coated.


■ Environmentally friendly
    ▫ no solvent emissions
■ Energy savings
    ▫ Lower oven temperatures
    ▫ Significantly faster curing times
■ Time savings
    ▫ Shorter oven dwell period
    ▫ No cooling down stage required
    ▫ Less sanding needed for MDF products
    ▫ Only single layer of application required
■ Space savings
    ▫ Less floor space required

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