Sol-ar™ is Protech's high performance line of powder coatings for architectural applications. These powders are manufactured using fluoropolymer resins that ensure outstanding weathering performance and excellent resistance to the damaging effects of UV light. Sol-ar™ powders demonstrate superior abrasion, corrosion and mar resistance and, unlike liquid alternatives, these powders do not require a primer. Their strength prevents damage in the handling and installation process and makes sol-ar™ the ideal application for railings and other heavy traffic areas. Sol-ar™ powders are guaranteed for ten years and meet the requirements of AAMA specification 2605. They are available in a wide range of colors and glosses and like all Protech powders, they are environmentally friendly and release no harmful VOC's.


■ Thermoset powder coatings formulated with fluoropolymer resins
■ Outstanding weathering resistance and excellent UV protection
■ Formulated for superior abrasion, corrosion and mar resistance with no need for primers
■ Guaranteed for ten years in accordance with AAMA specification 2605
■ Environmentally friendly with no release of VOC's
■ Available in a wide range of colors and glosses

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Protech Sol-ar™