Thermolam™ powder coatings were developed to coat wood, wood products and other heat sensitive substrates using a traditional thermal cure. These powders are ideal for MDF as well as wood such as oak and maple. Thermolam™ powders are extremely durable and are available in a wide range of colors and textures. They are reclaimable, safe and environmentally friendly. Most importantly, thermolam™ powders are backed by the technical and service expertise that has been the hallmark of Protech's leadership in the powder coating industry.


■ Environmentally friendly - no solvent emissions
■ One coat application process
■ Compatible with conventional powder application systems
■ Excellent application characteristics and durability
■ Wide choice of appearance capabilities
■ Less sanding required for MDF products
■ Significant energy, time and space savings
■ Low temperature cure permits wide range of wood substrates to be powder coated
■ Design friendly--provides excellent edge coverage on conventional and multi-faceted pieces

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